JONGKOOK should open his gym seriously! 😆
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  1. Samona Gals

    Samona Gals

    3 天 前

    I pitty heechul but that makes it funny. Mygod my jaw 😂

  2. little bubble

    little bubble

    3 天 前

    that was hilarious

  3. bibimbap .u

    bibimbap .u

    4 天 前

    Hwaiting Kim Junho! We love you. I know it may be hard for you to adapt in a new team where all of them have been in the show for along time. But you did well too! ❤ 김준호 화이팅 ! 🙌🙌🙌💗

  4. raxhel. raven

    raxhel. raven

    4 天 前

    Wow nam goongmin! Is no one talking the relation about JK-jinyoung-goongmin? 🧐

  5. Glaiza Claire Olayan

    Glaiza Claire Olayan

    4 天 前

    😅😅😂😂junho ahjussi doing the pull ups.

  6. Watermelonzen


    4 天 前

    I miss KimJun ho on a variety show so much!

  7. Min Seokjin

    Min Seokjin

    5 天 前

    kim junho in variety again🥰

  8. Nhea Serue

    Nhea Serue

    6 天 前

    They dont need script for this... Lol...always watched this for kim heechul..

  9. Brandi Hall

    Brandi Hall

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  10. Stellarya Luna

    Stellarya Luna

    6 天 前

    Heechul despite being ahjussi from Gangwon province, he still look young as ever.

  11. Johanna Berry

    Johanna Berry

    6 天 前

    Oh myyy Junho oppa is here 😍😍

  12. Lovejoyy


    6 天 前

    The strongest part of Heechul is his brain & voice hahahah

  13. Stephanie Pamintuan

    Stephanie Pamintuan

    6 天 前

    I like how they always focus the camera to Kim Jun Ho oppa! Stay strong! God bless you all 😘

  14. Kristian Kurniawan

    Kristian Kurniawan

    7 天 前

    He made pull up looks so easy....

  15. Sharon Belcher

    Sharon Belcher

    7 天 前

    They all have a ball together

  16. Celest


    8 天 前

    I haven't watched My Little Old Boy in a while... Their guest is Namgoong Min, but I didn't see JinYoung's mom in this ep? Is she not in the show anymore?

  17. Nela Vejzović

    Nela Vejzović

    8 天 前

    Who is this actor please namee ??? I know him but idk his name 🤯

    • Zyra Reyn

      Zyra Reyn

      8 天 前

      Do you mean Bae jung nam ?

  18. Dhian p

    Dhian p

    8 天 前

    😂😂😂 Heechul oppa your human too

  19. ggerdagg


    8 天 前

    It was funny!

  20. shitokkijolie


    9 天 前

    Baka mabali braso mo diyan Heenim! Hahaha 🤣 #MomsDiary #Heechul #SuperJunior

  21. hello nbrn

    hello nbrn

    9 天 前

    Wow kim junho is back on TV. Glad he's back.

  22. syhrh skry

    syhrh skry

    9 天 前

    Dang jong kook is super hot, stre~ss!

  23. Keshia ELFkies Frenger

    Keshia ELFkies Frenger

    9 天 前

    When Heechul is the maknae... not so talkie talkie anymore arent you dear lmao

  24. bunnysmile_9


    9 天 前

    heechul..please exercise a's also good for you..

  25. average hyuman

    average hyuman

    9 天 前

    Kjk should host a "biggest loser" variety show

  26. Rose Salehaa

    Rose Salehaa

    9 天 前

    as an elf, i think its my first time seeing heechul working out😅😂

  27. Diana Bersalona

    Diana Bersalona

    9 天 前

    Heechul oppa 😂🤣🤣 i’m laughing so hard right now! 🤣🤣🤣

  28. Joe Frazier's Left Hook

    Joe Frazier's Left Hook

    9 天 前

    When I look at Heechul's arms, I am reminded of the 1967 hit song by Procol Harum, "A Whiter Shade of Pale".

  29. Eve Buston

    Eve Buston

    10 天 前

    Not them bullying Heechul ☠️😂

  30. Snow Blossom

    Snow Blossom

    10 天 前

    leave junho hyung alone cmoon 😂

  31. Sarah Adawiyah

    Sarah Adawiyah

    10 天 前

    This looks like where heechul video called Lee ji ah,you know,the special episode

  32. Cathy Jay

    Cathy Jay

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  33. john junsayyy

    john junsayyy

    10 天 前

    Its my 1st time seeing heechul laugh his lungs out HAHAAHA 😂😂😂

  34. Kylie Landingin

    Kylie Landingin

    10 天 前

    Kim Junho is still funny. Hope to see him on variety shows more. Btw, Junho and Jongmin have a YT channel called Kimdumb. Please support it! Thank you.

    • Sofia lol

      Sofia lol

      4 天 前

      Im so glad he’s back

    • Kylie Landingin

      Kylie Landingin

      7 天 前


    • Adzha


      7 天 前


  35. Remy Thagoddess

    Remy Thagoddess

    11 天 前

    I can’t wait till Jong kook meets the new old boy. The one from the military 😂😂

  36. Francesca Yzabelle

    Francesca Yzabelle

    11 天 前

    seeing hee use a padded coat with sj’s logo makes me happy

  37. Rain_00 Drops

    Rain_00 Drops

    11 天 前

    This is why women lives longer than men. lol can't stop laughing to these guys 😂😂😂

  38. ANCY K P

    ANCY K P

    11 天 前

    I love u heechul.He is working very hard here.

  39. Sunita Gurung

    Sunita Gurung

    11 天 前

    junho oppa

  40. dwzxliyt rteuiwm

    dwzxliyt rteuiwm

    11 天 前

    Omg I love this bunch of old men, they're the best part of this show

  41. Dorianne Pontez

    Dorianne Pontez

    11 天 前

    😂😂😂😂😂 does heechul even works out in his daily life? He has no muscles at all

  42. Nur Shafiqah

    Nur Shafiqah

    11 天 前

    Poor my baby heechul 💙

  43. 373 oshi

    373 oshi

    11 天 前

    Normally its impossible to do 1 pull up if u havent working out...

  44. Rofiqotul ilmiah

    Rofiqotul ilmiah

    11 天 前

    Hee chul😂

  45. Yellow Flash

    Yellow Flash

    11 天 前

    Best episode is when the sons gather together like this. Really love it

  46. Bulan K

    Bulan K

    12 天 前

    One of my goals for this year is to at least be able to hang up myself like that. But, everytime I try to pull up my body, hahahaha it never worked🤣 ps: I thought I saw Na Jaemin, turned out to be it was Nam Goong Min🤣

  47. Anne Chanannaman

    Anne Chanannaman

    12 天 前


  48. Baba Vandenberg

    Baba Vandenberg

    12 天 前

    It looks cold whe are in summer cycle moving into Autum cycle

  49. Milkeiris Hernandez

    Milkeiris Hernandez

    12 天 前

    ¡Ay, no, no puedo más! Lo he repetido tantas veces y en la parte de Heechul hasta me ahogé con mi saliva 🤣🤣

  50. nick siam

    nick siam

    12 天 前

    more kook and nam

  51. Airon


    12 天 前

    Part 2 doing dips was even more funny, where is it

  52. Thao Xiong

    Thao Xiong

    12 天 前

    I dont care what people say about Kim junho. I think he's the funniest comedian in korea. This dude is funny even if he's just standing there not doing anything.

    • Watermelonzen


      4 天 前

      Yess. And I miss him in a revar variety show.

    • Sofia lol

      Sofia lol

      4 天 前

      He’s really the best

    • Min Seokjin

      Min Seokjin

      5 天 前

      agree my fav comedian ever

    • iin 777

      iin 777

      8 天 前

      Hahaha you are actually right!

    • Rainy Days

      Rainy Days

      8 天 前

      Yeaaa he is my favourite

  53. Angelica Mazon

    Angelica Mazon

    12 天 前

    Kim junhoooo u took so long to come in variety show. Ily imy all remember the member :((((((( i am happy to see ü

  54. izzwafi adile

    izzwafi adile

    12 天 前

    Jongkok is the type of guy who thinks his the no 1

  55. zam_zami hmar

    zam_zami hmar

    12 天 前

    kim junho 😍😍

  56. Laugh out Loud

    Laugh out Loud

    12 天 前

    I like how Believer by Imagine Dragons is in the background, complements Jong Kook's philosophical quotes

  57. supinasu


    12 天 前

    Great to see Kim Junho in a variety show... I've missed him! I hope he's doing well and will be on more shows this year/in the future :)

  58. KimCherryPetals


    12 天 前

    I love when they going trip together.. please do more activity like this leadernim sangmin hehehe

  59. deviana dw

    deviana dw

    13 天 前

    Nam goong min 🧡

  60. rosie burgos

    rosie burgos

    13 天 前

    Let them gather in one place, all of them please

  61. Isaac Ho

    Isaac Ho

    13 天 前

    Why no one comment on how startled they were when they saw jung nam pull up as if a sky rocket

    • Syuhadah NSJ

      Syuhadah NSJ

      9 天 前

      Jung nam is lighter.. while jongkook is heavier.. doing pull up while being heavier is not easy

    • yongkie angkawijaya

      yongkie angkawijaya

      10 天 前

      @bee lis agree with your statement (different weight class is matter in pull-up) but eventhough KJK is heavier, with those massive muscle mass should be 3x stronger than jungnam... you can check Austin Dunham video "weighted pullup" to see a slightly smaller guy with additional weight does the perfect form of pullup *in term of strenght i bet KJK is way too powerful to this Dunham guy, but I dont know about their basic knowledge, goals, or motivation about workout principles... everyone has their own

    • bee lis

      bee lis

      10 天 前

      @yongkie angkawijaya it's because they're in different weight class.

    • yongkie angkawijaya

      yongkie angkawijaya

      10 天 前

      Jung Nam also drop down into dead-hang position if I may add... while KJK isn't...

  62. Pavi Dhanasekaran

    Pavi Dhanasekaran

    13 天 前

    I'm waiting for another Bak goon's episode😍

  63. stan silver adults

    stan silver adults

    13 天 前

    is there someone who can tell what is the background music?

  64. Chia Pasuhuk

    Chia Pasuhuk

    13 天 前

    I will still love you heechul...

  65. Shafinaz Sabri

    Shafinaz Sabri

    13 天 前

    nam goong min😍

  66. Diana Osazenaye

    Diana Osazenaye

    13 天 前

    It scared and funny

  67. Gifted Napper

    Gifted Napper

    13 天 前

    My 1n2d heart is so happy to see Kim Junho❤❤

  68. Mónica ZASE

    Mónica ZASE

    13 天 前

    Hee Chul 🥰

  69. mxgirl918


    13 天 前

    To SpartaKook, everywhere is a gym and everyone has the potential to be a gym buff and build muscles 😂

  70. Nurul Nabila

    Nurul Nabila

    13 天 前

    "SO DELICIOUS" gonna use that phrase while exercising from now on ^^

  71. Domniac Corp.

    Domniac Corp.

    13 天 前

    Junho must be missing 2d1n so bad.🙄

  72. Jezidca


    13 天 前

    *Jongkook* "Use your upper body." *Me* "I DON'T HAVE AN UPPER BODY!" 😫

  73. Cel DM

    Cel DM

    13 天 前

    I miss kim junho in variety show.

  74. Kyla San Pascual

    Kyla San Pascual

    13 天 前

    Wife: husband isn't answering my phone calls.He's probably drinking with his friends again. Husband and Friends; (The Whole Video)

    • Krash Kash

      Krash Kash

      8 天 前

      Girlfriend: "gosh where is my boyfriend, he better not be with another girl" Boyfriend: (this episode) with the boys

  75. اورانس بي

    اورانس بي

    13 天 前

    What our bebe hee doing here 🙆

  76. tuan tran

    tuan tran

    13 天 前

    "enjoy the push up" that such a Jong Kook way of saying :D

  77. kkochismile


    13 天 前

    who is the guy who was really good at the end ?

    • Joon Ching Goh

      Joon Ching Goh

      13 天 前

      Bae Jung Nam

  78. Wai Yee

    Wai Yee

    13 天 前

    0:54…0:59…1:02🐯: Like u enjoy your food enjoy the exercise u r doing even when u do a single one… i like the way he teach exercise with his quotes so fun lol❤1:53…just wow…🐯KOOKIE really looks extra handsome cool with that slowly pull-up❤💪🐯🔥🔥

  79. 83dealova


    13 天 前

    Kim junhooo!!! Yappppp🤣🤣🤣

  80. LX X

    LX X

    13 天 前

    Seeing Nam Goong Min & the sons together

  81. Danbi Son

    Danbi Son

    13 天 前

    It's nice to see Junho back in variety show💜

  82. glync kim

    glync kim

    14 天 前

    oh hello there Mr. Jigeumbeoto

  83. Birte W.

    Birte W.

    14 天 前

    OMO !! I would just go to the gym to watch Jongkook work out!! He looks so handsome doing push ups !!!

  84. charisma


    14 天 前

    seeing kim jun ho here reminds me of 2 days 1 night's winter training😄😄😄

  85. Ennui83


    14 天 前

    They are too mean to Joon Ho.

    • Ennui83


      13 天 前

      @Felicity Shine I too got that they were joking, and I love a good, cutting joke. They didn't seem like they were having fun, and none of their comments (except about the earmuffs) was funny. So it just came across as mean even with the laughter. The full scene is the same too. The same ones, even Sang Min made comments about almost everyone who tried. It might be a "this is how men bond" kind of thing, which is fine, but it's unusual for them to not at least be funny. Also, the group already has a good dynamic usually, but this particular scence where they exercise... It is just off.

    • Felicity Shine

      Felicity Shine

      13 天 前

      I noticed that too even though their words were meants as a joke they are still very harsh. They kept on repeating to junho that he does not belong on the show. Only sangmin was nice towars junho.

  86. Tengok Cerita

    Tengok Cerita

    14 天 前

    Me : try to call my husband and curious why he didn't pick up my phone Husband : playing like children with his friends like this video

  87. Syahrul Hazim

    Syahrul Hazim

    14 天 前

    i want jongkook as my personal trainer

  88. Sakinah Amri

    Sakinah Amri

    14 天 前

    Bae jung nam😍

  89. Biak Ching

    Biak Ching

    14 天 前

    Heechul so funny

  90. liza Azliza

    liza Azliza

    14 天 前

    Heechul is Heechul😂

  91. Gladesma Ranoa

    Gladesma Ranoa

    14 天 前

    The devil wears jung nam!!!! 💜💜💜

  92. j


    14 天 前

    😍😍😍Charlie Kim is here too...

  93. Josie1222 C.

    Josie1222 C.

    14 天 前

    Bae Jung nam make it look easy.

  94. S3ktor Light

    S3ktor Light

    14 天 前

    11:08 why does he look like elon musk lol

  95. Anna S

    Anna S

    14 天 前

    I need Jongkook to host like a Gym variety show or something. Preferably with Jessi!

    • Tommy Field

      Tommy Field

      13 天 前

      A good idea,something like a gym trainer with a certified doctor as a side host,to help viewers understand more depth what can be done.

  96. junai Na

    junai Na

    14 天 前

    I didn't see grow up men.. 🤣

    • Kyla San Pascual

      Kyla San Pascual

      13 天 前

      Yeah,all I can see in this video is kids playing in the monkey bars 😂

  97. Kate Shannaya

    Kate Shannaya

    14 天 前

    I’m happy to see Kim Junho hereee 🥺 Hope to see you more in other shows!

  98. Life is Green

    Life is Green

    14 天 前

    You can't succeed in pull ups directly if you never did it before unless you do heavyweight jobs like construction work and your body is toned up, and even then it will be hard if you never did it before

  99. Nisa Afni

    Nisa Afni

    14 天 前


  100. K H

    K H

    14 天 前

    This got recommended on my feed. I don't know who any of these people are but I can't stop laughing at these shows. Koreans are hella funny. New fan.

    • Jyothi Jilalla

      Jyothi Jilalla

      天 前

      discovering knowing bros is the best thing i have done in my life, i highly recommend it ❤❤❤❤

    • l l

      l l

      12 天 前

      @K H I recommend New journey to the west

    • Jenna


      12 天 前

      Definitely catch Knowing Brothers! A few of the cast members are in this video. I can't stop laughing every time I watch. Others I'd recommend to watch are 2 Days 1 Night, Masters in the house and Running Man. If you like watching cute babies, highly recommend 'The Return of Superman'. (:

    • Alem Pongen

      Alem Pongen

      14 天 前

      @K H my personal favorites are Running man, 2 days 1 night, Knowing Bros, I live alone, to name some. And the episodes will be funnier to you when you get to understand and know each cast's character 😁

    • Hannah V

      Hannah V

      14 天 前

      These shows were recommended on my feed like 3 years ago..Now I am hooked 👍🏻...definitely should check the South Korean variety shows out..(My Ugly Duckling, Running Man, How do you play,Infinite Challenge, 1 day and 2 nights, Return of Superman,etc...)